During our client conversations, we heard common issues related to operational excellence for entrepreneurial companies.

  • Operational Improvements
  • The Ultimate Approach to Customer Satisfaction
  • Will Robots Eat our Jobs?
  • What Gets Measured Gets Done
  • Size Matters, Until it Doesn’t

We’ve assembled interviews with a number of company owners who will share their experiences in each of these areas, with some additional commentary from Briggs & Veselka tax shareholder John Cooney, who has advised middle market and larger companies on operational efficiencies.

Foundation of Operational Improvements

Operational improvement is a great notion, but where and how does a growing company even begin the process and not become overwhelmed and frustrated in the process? This video will share some stories and insights from Mush Khan of APS Plastics & Manufacturing; Donny Shimamoto, Managing Director and Founder, IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC;  and John Cooney, Tax Shareholder, Briggs & Veselka on what they’ve learned about how to lay the foundation for improvement in your organization.