The following section is from the Texas State Comptroller’s office, with amendments by B&V:

Some taxpayers may be unable to file taxes timely due to damage caused by a declared natural disaster. The Comptroller can grant an extension of up to 90 days to file tax returns to a business affected by a declared disaster. An affected business must request the extension either by phone or email, (or Briggs & Veselka can do so for you; please request such extensions via your shareholder or manager).

Use this link to access the Comptroller’s office frequently asked questions, and forms for filing related to:

  • Filing a tax return extension
  • Sales Tax exemptions related to purchases related to the storm or recovery
  • Sales tax exemptions related to repairs due to the storm; note that sales tax exemptions will apply to the labor costs and it is recommended that contracts clearly indicate cost of labor vs. materials, and that a Texas Sales and Use Tax exemption certificate must be filed
  • Exemptions related to vouchers or debit card purchases related to Harvey